shilpa Darshan Kumar

Digitising the Real Estate and Construction ecosystem


Ms.Shilpa born In Bangalore, India and from a family of business with expertise in the field of agriculture & financial stock markets. She has an experience of 20 years in business. She built a reputation as an all-rounder leader with broad experience in the Construction Industry. Before founding Arqonz , she has taken up leadership roles like Operations, Marketing, Management, Wholesale & Online Retail. The gap she found in her experience in the industry resulted in Arqonz. Positive mental attitude, fast learning, excellent communication skills , proficiency of English language, hardworking by nature, quick Identification of needs & problems, providing an appropriate solution, good co-ordination and ability to work actively in a team” well-organized; good planner; seeks new responsibilities and uses initiative; good listener - seeks and finds solutions to challenges – exceptionally positive attitude. A mind that is a thinker - Doer combination where the thoughts is out to action in its line of order to excel. A patient human being to handle the peers around. A talented dancer/performer and uses her strength of creativity in the business of beautification of a space. A constant innovator where time is never a hindrance. Positive mental attitude . Quick identification of needs and problems- such to provide an immediate solution to challenges . Seeks new responsibilities . Knows 5 languages which helps in ease of communication to the BPL people which yields in great results. Understands and encourages the Purpose of life for many women in the society. In short, a one-woman army. A perfectionist with a taste of art and brings forward make in India as the motto encouraging many artistes and craftsman families to earn a decent living.