About History

World of marketing (WOM) is a strategic marketing community of business enthusiasts from across the globe.

World of marketing (WOM) is focused on sharing, creating, and connecting valuable, relevant, and consistent content. WoM appreciates individual achievement and ultimately facilitate value-based marketing networking.

WOM is a community for all marketing needs like jobs, vendors, networking, investors, and the most important strategy and knowledge sharing. A place for people who think and act in the language of marketing.

We have now extended our journey from WhatsApp to all major social media platforms – Facebook groups and pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Our WOMCast (Webinars) are much sought after webinars now in the business world with many top-notch business leaders joining them.

WoM is a culture that

  • 01

    Promotes knowledge-sharing

  • 02

    Supports Innovation and its presentation

  • 03

    Acknowledge the individual achievement of members

  • 04

    A voice of marketers to raise the marketing issues without any fear, inclination, or wested interest and audiology

  • 05

    Creates value for all

  • 06

    Encourages original content

  • 07

    Help each other grow beyond the boundaries and across the nations


Company Established

Instituted in 2016, World of Marketing is the brainchild of two marketing maniacs and joined by other such demons. We unified to achieve only one goal to enhance a value-based networking system. More and more marketing addicts are joining us every minute now.


One year old and started to crawl

Concerted with a diverse set of professionals, vendors, marketing agencies, business leaders, marketing immatures, and many others. Before the invitation was from us but now many are joining WOM on their own. Now that’s Marketing and we are proud of it. After all we are stubborn fools.


On our legs now

With each other’s support we started standing up and expanded the group from WhatsApp to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Marketing became the epicenter of all our initiatives. And so we came out with our first ever Digital Marketing Magazine. WOM believes in encouraging one and all.


Oh!! Look we are walking

WOM decided to divide the groups according to the geographical zones. To keep the drama going, we initiated many webinars and other fun events like Fun Adda and Job Fairs for Job Seekers. We believe in taking one and all in our growth.

If we grow so will you and if you grow so will we. Now a community of more than 5K members we are provoking and cultivating the values of marketing in each other and the world.

Let’s meet where we all want to be. The Marketing Community – “World of Marketing’

2020 & growing