Confessions of a Month: Why March is Both Loved and Disliked

March 10, 2024 - By wom


I am March!

The youngest month of the year, some might say…err, rather, month. But my creator, our god (wink wink), has bestowed a special gift upon me: the most days! While some of my siblings share the same number, I stand out as truly awesome.

Confessions of a Month: Why March is Both Loved and Disliked

Opportunity Knocks

I bring both opportunity and disappointment. The brave embrace me, while the timid cower. From sales and marketing professionals to students, farmers, politicians, and even the cinema industry, everyone remembers me.

Speaking My Mind (Without Help!)

Today, I get to express myself on LinkedIn, and I’ll do it without the help of Gemini or Copilot. I believe in action and effort, so no shortcuts for me!

Sales & Marketing

As I said, I offer a chance to close the gap and reach yearly targets. This makes me a love-hate figure for salespeople. My extra hours provide valuable time to meet, greet, and achieve goals. Here’s my message: plan for March in December and January. Take advantage of February, like the pre-wedding festivities. Don’t panic – give it your best shot. Even if you’re not at the top or don’t have the best profile, you can still excel by maximizing your time. Remember, time is of the essence!

For marketing folks, I’m the perfect month to make an impact. Don’t just spend leftover budget at the year’s end, even if a marketing head suggests it. Use your logic, make a case, and propose a plan to your manager. Exhausting the budget just for the sake of spending isn’t wise. Anyone can do marketing with a big budget and an agency – that’s vendor work, not real marketing. The true skill lies in creating a difference without draining the company’s resources. Marketing is about building demand, supporting growth, and setting the narrative.

Haven’t contributed to your company’s success yet? March is your month to fill those spreadsheets, innovate, and if nothing else, plan for next year.

My Moody Weather

I confess, my weather is quite confusing – neither summer nor winter. It depends on my mood, which is, well, unpredictable. I’m not the ideal month for air conditioners or heaters. Electronics brands might not see a sales boom during my days, but they still need good year-end numbers.

I also dislike regional marketing campaigns designed solely to use up annual budgets. (October and July, I’m looking at you with your fake campaigns to inflate sales figures in Bengal!)

Confessions of a Month: Why March is Both Loved and Disliked

Festivals and Fun

While I boast festivals like Shivratri and Holi, the funny thing is, they’re not exactly shopping festivals! Haha!

Just after my reign ends, people realize they’ve been fooled by April Fools’ Day. Sometimes, I feel like April takes all the blame for pranks, saving my dignity. Thank you, April!

Students, Don’t Despair

My days are filled with exams and results, leaving little room for celebration. I feel for students who might curse me. But believe me, I see the tears of both success and failure. Remember, life is precious. Enjoy the journey, and pursue what you love.

Thanks for letting me speak my mind! Feel free to leave a comment below.