Behind the Screens : The Inaugural IT Professionals Day

January 10, 2024 - By wom


A Tribute to the Architects of the Digital World: Celebrating IT Professionals Day

On January 10th, Tata Tele Business Services, the leading enabler of Enterprise Digital services in India, marked a significant milestone in the history of Information Technology. For the first time ever, a day was dedicated to honor the relentless dedication and outstanding contributions of IT Professionals. This initiative is a testament to Tata Tele’s commitment towards recognizing the heroes who navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

The Pillars of Digital Transformation

In an era where businesses are heavily dependent on the digital world, the role of IT professionals has become more crucial than ever. They are the unsung heroes who enhance efficiency, security, and innovation, ensuring the seamless continuity of our daily operations.

Cloud Professionals

Cloud professionals play a pivotal role in providing cutting-edge cloud solutions to SMEs. Their expertise in managing and delivering cloud services ensures scalability, flexibility, and efficiency in business operations.

Connectivity Professionals

Connectivity professionals are the backbone of digital communication. They ensure seamless and uninterrupted connectivity, enabling businesses to stay connected and perform their operations smoothly.

Cyber Security Professionals

Cyber Security professionals are the guardians of the digital world. They implement robust security solutions to protect businesses from cyber threats, thereby ensuring the safety and integrity of business data.

Tech Transformation Professionals

Tech Transformation professionals are the catalysts of digital transformation. They leverage innovative technologies to transform business operations, thereby driving growth and success.

Words from the Leaders

Several leaders from Tata Tele expressed their gratitude and admiration for these IT professionals. The CTO, Mr. Pravir Dahia, acknowledged their invaluable contribution in keeping the digital engines running, stating, “Your expertise and innovation consistently propel Tata Tele Business Services towards the road to success. We’re grateful for your ever-growing resilience and dedication!”

Vanita Pujari, Head of Product Content and Digital Marketing, referred to IT professionals as the “quiet superheroes in the shadows,” who smooth the obstacles in our digital path, often without even a thank you.

Ashish Srivastava, General Manager – Marketing at Tata Tele Business Services, extended heartfelt thanks to the exceptional IT teams, recognizing and celebrating their excellence.

Joyjeet Bose, Senior VP, gave a special shoutout to the powerhouse IT Community, praising their dedication that makes extraordinary tasks seem easy and propels organizations forward with unmatched speed, efficiency, and technological prowess.

Vishal Rally, SVP & Head – Product, Marketing and Commercial at Tata Teleservices Ltd, dedicated the day to celebrating the invaluable contribution of the architects of our digital world – the tech enablers and innovators. He wished the hardworking IT community a Happy IT Professionals Day, acknowledging their passion, perseverance, and dedication that fuels businesses to #dobig and unlocks possibilities every day.


A Day of Celebration

IT Professionals Day was celebrated across all Tata Tele establishments and various other organizations. It was an occasion filled with joy and gratitude, where IT professionals cut cakes and sweets, and people from all other departments expressed their gratitude for their contribution in running the show, whether it’s connectivity, cloud, or security solutions.

TTBS marks the 10th of January each year as a significant day of celebration worldwide. In conclusion, IT Professionals Day serves as a reminder of the importance of IT in business and the invaluable contributions of these professionals. It’s a day to honor their hard work, celebrate their achievements, and express our gratitude for their unwavering dedication. Here’s to every single one of them, who have made our lives easier. Thank you all! #ITProfessionalsDay