Brands Celebrate Chandrayaan-3 Launch

July 16, 2023 - By wom


The successful launch of Chandrayaan-3 was a moment of great pride for India, and brands were quick to capitalize on the excitement. Here are a few examples of how brands used social media to connect with consumers and celebrate the historic event:


Luker: The chocolate brand shared a post on Twitter with the caption, “Reaching for the stars is what we do best. Here’s to #Chandrayaan3, and the future of Indian space exploration.”


Sony – The electronics brand posted an image on Twitter of India’s early rocket days and wished to team I.S.R.O. They remembered to mention their series – Rocket Boyes, which is streaming now.
The caption was motivating – everything is theoretically impossible until it’s done.



Brand – Polycab tweeted an image with best wishes to Isro.

Polycab India sends its warmest wishes to the exceptional team of @ISRO  as they embark on a remarkable journey to the moon with Chandrayaan-3. We hope this mission to be a resounding success.


Brand – Kamasutra | Social Meida -Twitter. .

Kamasutra, a brand known for its intimate lifestyle products, took a more lighthearted approach. They shared a creative post playfully hinting at the adventurous spirit needed to explore the unknown, aligning it with the spirit of Chandrayaan-3. Let us help you reach the moon! 🌕🚀 Comment ‘Yeah’ below

McDonald’s, a global fast-food chain, joined the excitement surrounding Chandrayaan-3 through a well-crafted social media post. Their post featured french fries as rocket, with a caption that read, Glued to our screens, watching the rocket & binging on burgers. 



Tata Tele capitalized on the event to showcase its network capabilities, emphasizing the need for seamless communication during space missions. They shared a post highlighting their reliable network services, stating, “Spread your wings and soar to new horizons. Make Big Happen with Tata Tele Business Services.”


As a leading digital payment platform in India, Paytm celebrated the Chandrayaan-3 mission and wished for its success.

Travelling far & beyond, we wish #Chandrayaan3 a safe and lightning-fast journey to the moon!


Dineout ran a social media campaign called “Dine Out on the Moon” with a follow-up post with the caption- You’ll love it to the moon and back!



 A few other brands also participated in this national event and celebrated with Indians with their unique creations on social media. Few companies such as – Ajio, Asian Paints, Google, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kellogg India and Britania.















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